The Church Blues Club Debut at Saint George’s Mitchelstown

Who would ever think those famous opening words from Jimi Hendrix “Welcome to My Church of Blues” would ever come true? Of course we all know that here in Ireland anything is possible and that’s exactly what will be happening at the former church, Saint George’s Arts & Heritage Centre in Mitchelstown on Friday July 1st – the debut of Ireland’s newest blues club!  The Church Blues club who have adopted Saint George’s as their spiritual home.

Jimi Hendrix won’t be there in person on the night, but there will be moments in time when you will swear that he is there on stage in spirit as you are captivated by Dublin born and bred guitar wizard Gerry Quigley & his band The Mystic Blues band.

This debut show will be a special fundraiser for the Saint George’s restoration project.  The Church Blues Club’s Australian founder Sharon Quigley (who is based nearby in Co.Cork) had a vision to create a blues club in Ireland for quite a few years, inspired by the prestigious Perth Blues Club Western Australia where the President awarded Gerry honorary life membership after being so captivated by Gerry’s music and naming it “Celtic Blues”.

Sharon knew the blues club would only be a success if it was created when the time was right, and we are all so delighted to discover that time is now.

Sharon’s vision for The Church Blues club is to support Saint George’s and the local community by providing a meeting place for good friends and place for making new friends, for all who have a shared enjoyment of live music.  In particular the best of the blues which is a highly versatile genre very easy to listen to and enjoy, and suitable for the interest of people of all ages.

The Church Blues Club will return to Saint George’s every two months on the first Friday of that month, or more often by demand.   Extra shows may also be scheduled throughout the year on demand, when international touring blues artists request to play on other dates. There is already great interest from international blues bands.

The Venue

Saint George’s Arts & Heritage Centre is a former Church and first opened its doors as a community arts & heritage centre in 2019.   Since that time the dedicated team at Saint Georges have been tirelessly working on renovations and the results we see today are truly spectacular.

Including a world class colored lighting system for night time events which transforms the stage area at night to a stunning backdrop to any performance.

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Siobhan O’Brien

This July 1st the show will commence with special guest the captivating Siobhan O’Brien who is back home in Ireland from a hugely successful time writing and touring in the USA.

Dubbed “a voice the world should hear” by Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains), Siobhán O’Brien is writing music for the risk takers of this world. Certainly a woman who made the trek from Ireland to America, with only two suitcases in hand, to be a full-time songwriter knows a thing or two about risk.

It’s a common narrative for songwriters to chronicle their journey towards self-discovery but O’Brien does it in a manner that is so relatable, it’s as if she wrote these songs for you alone. Perhaps it’s the exquisite tension in her voice, the authenticity in her lyrics, or the magnetic presence on stage that garnered a generation of admirers ranging from Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen but the folk-rock songwriter has only just begun to tell her story.

As a fourth generation Irish musician, music runs in O’Brien’s blood but in 2017, America called to her as the place she wanted to lay down music roots of her own. Within 5 weeks of living in the States she had secured an opening slot at the acclaimed Birchmere Music Hall (for English songwriter, Nick Lowe) and had been awarded a coveted spot in the Folk-DJ Showcase at North East Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) by Mary Cliff ( Renowned Folk Radio DJ for 40 years).

When she began searching for recording studios for her next album, there was only one city that, as a spinning vinyl stuck on repeat, kept calling to her: Austin. It was in the star city that she met her co-producers, John Bush and Matt Hubbard, drummer and keyboardist for Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians, and recorded her third album “You Can’t Run Out Of Love”.



Gerry Quigley & The Mystic Blues Band

Next on stage will be Gerry Quigley & The Mystic Blues band.

Dublin born & bred Gerry Quigley returned home to Ireland in 2013 after 30 years in Australia and it’s no surprise he has been making his mark on the Irish (& UK) blues scene ever since.  From regular appearances at Crane Lane Theatre where he is based in Cork City, to Boyle’s of Slane, or invitations to play at top festivals, including Monaghan Poc the Blues Festival (2019 and 2022), Ballyshannon Rory Gallagher Festival (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) and the prestigous Great British Rock & Blues Festival in the UK (2020) and many more.

When Steve Morse from Deep Purple says “Wow that was really cool!” after watching Gerry play some seriously mad sounds on his double-neck mandola/bouzoulki on stage at Burswood Casino in Perth, Western Australia you know Gerry’s music must be really something.  Or when blues legend Roy Buchanan (USA) hands Gerry his Telecaster backstage at Perth Concert Hall and asks him to play, and says “Man, I love your vibrato!” you know there is some special magic there, that doesn’t come around very often.

From a standing ovation after a jaw dropping performance at Perth Concert Hall Western Australia, to playing on the floor in his choice of favourite pubs, with Gerry Quigley you can tell that every show is just as special as the last.   So on Friday July 1st, you’ll see Gerry and his amazing band pumping out their own signature style of spine-tingling blues and blues-rock originals along with blues classics Quigley style.

Best described as blues-inspired progresssive rock with a mystical magical celtic feel, Gerry and his band will at times entrance you and take you away to another world.  You’ll hear Gerry play an ecclectic collection of guitars and things with strings including his No.1, Gibson Les Paul to his Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Dobro Slide, 12-string Acoustic, Gibson 135, mandolin and more including some seriously mad sounds from his one of a kind double-neck mandola/bouzouki named Shaun and Sheila!

With powerhouse Frank “Muddy” McNally rocking out on bass/vocals, and Sharon Quigley “Rockin’ Rev” on keys, and Jimmy “Seamus” Howlett (UK) on drums, Gerry Quigley and his band will entertain with a musical soundscape of guitars to remember.

If you love all the blues and progressive rock guitar greats, you will love this show.  One thing is for certain, on July 1st at Saint George’s Mitchelstown you’ll be in for a treat!



Tickets €20 or €15 for members, available online from Eventbrite, or at the door on the night. 
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Sharon Quigley 085 831 3437

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